Mission of Tung Wah Schools

Our mission in education is to provide comprehensive and multifarious services to children and young people to enable them to exert their full potentialities and, eventually, to serve the community.​

We are committed to achieving an all-round development in our young generation through the provision of a congenial learning environment, equipping young people with necessary skills and knowledge, and nurturing them to become good citizens with a willing commitment to worthy causes and a genuine concern for social affairs.​

We firmly believe in the school motto: “Diligence, Frugality, Loyalty and Faithfulness” as the guiding principle in the moral and intellectual development of our children and young people. We strive to promote proper values and a positive outlook on life and encourage young people to lead a full and meaningful life.


School Goals

The mission of the Tung Wah Group of Hospitals is to provide comprehensive services to society, including education of the young. We are committed to achieving all-round development of students and enabling them to explore their full potential.

The above mission is achieved through 3 aspects and 8 school goals.

The school goals are based on the principle of placing students and learning as the integral part in education. We aim at creating an ideal environment which encourages diligence, order and harmony, one in which students can learn and grow healthily.

Area 1: Intellectual Development

  • Help students build a strong foundation of literacy (reading, writing, listening and speaking) and numeracy.
  • Help students develop higher-order thinking skills (problem- solving, decision making, creativity and independent thinking).
  • Help students develop self-directed learning

Area 2: Affective and Social Development

  • Help students develop interest in learning and enhance their self-esteem.
  • Help students develop personal and ethical qualities (manners, self-management, public spirit and morality).
  • Help students develop interpersonal skills (social cooperation and collaboration) and civic awareness (a sense of civic responsibility and service to community).

Area 3: Physical and Cultural Development

  • Help students develop health awareness and physical well-being.
  • Help students develop hobbies and competence in arts.

In order to attain the school goals, we create a positive learning environment, design quality curriculum, maintain good discipline and guidance work, and provide a variety of extra–curricular activities.


School Motto

Diligence  Frugality  Loyalty  Faithfulness