Guidance & Counselling

The guidance services in WFN are provided for all students regardless their backgrounds, personalities and academic abilities. It aims at helping students towards holistic growth and is intended for the whole population, rather than merely for the few with problems. Being preventive in nature, the guidance services are provided before students encounter problems. Through relevant programs and activities, it is hoped that students can strive for a better self-understanding and emotional control, be able to make sensible decision and be responsible for his/her acts.


In WFN, counselling teachers, discipline teachers, class teachers and the school social worker join hands to hold regular meetings to discuss students’ problems and follow up cases. Appointed by the Education Division of TWGHs, an educational psychologist pays regular school visits to conduct assessments and provide support to both the gifted students and those with special learning needs.

2022-2023 F1 Orientation Camp

Learning Activities

Every year, an array of counselling activities, including assembly periods, F1 Orientation Day, Parents’ Day, Leadership Training Camps and Parents’ Evening are organized to instill positive values in our students. Besides, our school has set up a wide variety of student groups, such as the Peer Counselling Team and Peer Tutoring Team, through which our student leaders grow to be helpful, self-disciplined and responsible.

With the cooperation of external organizations and resources from the EDB, our students stand a good chance of enrolling in sustainable counselling programmes, including F1 Orientation Camp and programmes like Basic Life Skills Training, PATHs to Adulthood, Leadership Training Programme, Self-improvement Training Camp and Adventure Ship.

From 2018-2024, our school, in cooperation with Tung Wah Groups of Hospitals CROSS Centre, implements “Healthy School Programme”, through which an array of diversified educational activities and drug testing are carried out to enhance students’ anti-drug awareness while nurturing them to develop physically, psychologically and socially within a healthy learning environment.

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