Extra Curricular Activities

The aims of organizing ECA are to help students spend their leisure time in a more meaningful way, broaden their interests and develop their potential. Also, through participating in various ECA, students can improve their interpersonal skills and enhance their sense of civic responsibilities.

Activities of various natures, ranging from competitions, training sessions, publications, fund-raising events, visits, talks, field and camp trips are held every year.

In order to broaden students’ horizons and raise students’ standards in arts and sports, it is our practice to nominate students to participate in various inter-school competitions, namely, Hong Kong Schools Music Festival, Hong Kong Youth Band Festival, Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival, Hong Kong Schools Drama Festival and Joint Secondary Schools Athletic Meet.

The ECA are organized by the following bodies:

  • Student Union: It is the largest student body which comprises all students as members. The cabinet is elected by all fellow schoolmates. Through organizing various activities, committee members learn how to communicate with others, enhance self-management ability and experience democracy.
  • Houses: All newcomers are assigned to one of the four houses, namely, Red (勤), Yellow (儉), Blue (忠) and Green (信). By participating in inter-house activities, like Sports Day, ball games competitions, singing contests, quiz competitions, writing competitions, students can foster their team spirit and strengthen the bonds with others across the forms.
  • Class Clubs: The committee is formed under the supervision of the class teacher. It is formed to strengthen unity, develop self-management ability, and enhance interaction among students through class activities.
  • Clubs: There are more than 30 clubs which are categorized into 5 types, namely, Academic, Art, Interest, Services and Sports.