Moral and Civic Education

Apart from academic achievements, our school emphasizes moral and civic education. We aim to develop students’ positive values, enhance students’ civic awareness and actively fulfill their civic responsibilities.

The Moral and Civic Education Team organizes a wide range of activities, such as class assemblies, morning assemblies, drama appreciation, talks, exchange tours and volunteer services. These activities enable students to establish a good affection and moral courage to take up responsibilities, and thus become willing to contribute to community services. Our students participate in Community Leaders for Tomorrow Programme. Senior form students need to plan and do volunteer services, not only to train leadership skills, but also show concern for the needy in the community.

The Moral and Civic Education Team organizes exchange tours every year to visit and examine the social and cultural aspects of different provinces and cities as well as their history, geography and customs. Tung Wah Group of Hospitals Moral Education will be launched this year to let students understand the history of their school sponsoring body and to instil a positive value in them.

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