Career and Life Planning
Aims and Objectives
  • Provide students with necessary information on further education and careers opportunities;
  • Promote students’ awareness and understanding of their interests and abilities in relation to further education and job opportunities; and
  • Introduce students to the world of work and inculcate in them the correct attitudes towards work


The Careers Guidance Committee provides a wide range of careers and life planning activities to help students explore and actualize their potential and set goals for further study and future careers.

The implementation of career and life planning of our school is mainly divided into two stages: junior secondary and senior secondary. The junior secondary stage aims to help students to develop an understanding of their characters, interests and abilities through a variety of activities which include classroom learning, workshops, personality quizzes and sharing sessions. 

The senior secondary stage, on the other hand, has an emphasis on exploration of the diverse study paths and the world of work. Through talks, group or individual counseling, visits, job attachment programmes and experiential learning activities, students learn to identify their study and career goals and develop action plans to achieve them. 

The Committee also organizes training workshops and talks for teachers and parents, enabling them to render appropriate support to students with knowledge of career and life planning.

Learning Activities


  • “My Way” Life Planning Educational Project for Secondary School Students
  • “Finding Your Colours of Life” Programme
  • “Journey of Life” Soci Game
  • Sharing Sessions on F4 Class Allocation
  • Subject Introduction Talk
  • F4 Class Allocation Seminar



  • “My Way” Life Planning Educational Project for Secondary School Students
  • “Wonderful Careers” Programme
  • JUPAS Talk
  • E-APP Talk
  • “Careers Compass” Programme
  • “Career Live” Simulation Game
  • Class-based Group Counselling
  • Self-Account Workshop
  • Tung Wah College School Talk
  • Individual Counselling for JUPAS Application