Visual Arts
  1. Cultivate students’ creativity, aesthetic sensitivity, critical thinking, cultural awareness and positive value through various art activities.
  2. Encourage art appreciation and pursue a lifelong interest in art.
  3. Equip students with a foundation for pursuing further education or career opportunities in art and creative industry.
  1. Electronic drawing and other STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) initiatives have been incorporated into the curriculum.
  2. Besides regular Visual Arts classes, museum visits and interest workshops are conducted for students after class.
  3. Exhibitions are held throughout the year for students to showcase their work. Students are encouraged to have peer review and learn to appreciate one another’s work.
Curriculum Framework
  1. Form 1 – 3 Visual Arts curriculum is organized with four key learning targets. First, developing creativity and imagination. Second, developing skills and processes. Third, cultivating critical responses. Fourth, understanding Arts in context. Students are guided to complete artworks in different media accompanied with research worksheets and exercises. Artwork appreciation and criticism through visual language are comprehensive in every topic. Group work and mini-projects are also included in junior form curriculum.
  2. Form 4 – 6 Visual Arts curriculum is organized with two objectives. First, students’ ability to describe, analyse, interpret and evaluate artwork in writing. Second, students’ ability to select and manipulate visual language, media, materials, tools and techniques appropriate for the creative expression and communication of a theme or for solving a particular problem. Students are introduced to both DSE Paper 1 “Visual Presentation of a Theme” and Paper 2 “Design”. Students are taking the public examination on the paper of their own preference. Continuous training on vast variety of themes and media throughout senior form study. Portfolio, which is an essential component of DSE, would be completed with close individual guidance.
Ceramic Workshop
Outdoor Drawing
Western Art Competition
Senior Form Exhibition Visit