PE Department

We put much emphasis on physical education, particularly athletic development. Our school features an outdoor running track with TitanTrax shield for running, a long jump sand pit, and high jump facilities for training of school teams. To improve students’ fitness and physical strength in sports, a well-equipped fitness room, which has more than 100 square meters of space, offers an array of treadmills, freeweight equipment, and resistance machines. It helps students develop healthy habits and provides opportunities for students to receive proper sports training.

Our school’s Athletics Team has achieved outstanding results in the past few years. They have captured the Overall Championship in the TWGHs Joint Secondary School Athletics Meet for eight consecutive years and are holding records in 25 events. Our Boys’ Athletics Team has been competing in Division One among the top 16 secondary schools since 2007, and our school has been dubbed as ‘The New Force’ in track and field. With the girl's success in maintaining their position as the top 12 secondary schools, both the Boys and Girls’ teams have been competing in Division One since 2014, which means our team maintains a high standard of excellence in athletics and competes with the other local young elite athletes.

In addition to achievements of the Athletics Team, our school also has outstanding performance in Inter-School Indoor Rowing Championships, Table Tennis Competitions, Football Competitions, Swimming Competitions, and Orienteering Championships.

In addition to regular PE lessons, we also encourage students to participate in sports actively so that they can attain a balanced and all-round development. All junior form students must participate in the "Running for Health" programme and the School Physical Fitness Award Scheme. Moreover, the "Stay Active" programme has been launched this year to help obese students develop an active and healthy lifestyle through different sports activities.


Course Outline & Aspects to be assessed
  1. Skill levels
  2. Physical fitness: Physical fitness test
  3. Sports knowledge: Written examination and CPR practical exam
  4. Attitude: Participation in PE lesson, Running Program and Sports Day