Language Policies 

Our school aims to provide our students with a solid foundation in English, Chinese and Putonghua so that they can attain a level of proficiency high enough to facilitate effective communication and learning.

Medium of Instruction

Our school uses English as the medium of instruction for all subjects except Chinese Language, Putonghua, Chinese History, Life and Society, Citizenship and Social Development and Liberal Studies.  

Streaming Policy 

The aim of streaming is to cater for learners’ diversity through grouping students with similar ability and attainment.  Here are the details of the policy, 

Streaming in Junior Forms: 

Junior Form students will be streamed into groups when they attend Chinese Language, English Language and Mathematics lessons. Teachers will employ effective enrichment and remedial teaching strategies to cater for students’ diversity. A spectrum of extended learning activities will also be carried out to enrich students’ learning experience.  

Streaming in Senior Forms: 

Form 4 and Form 5 students will be streamed into groups when they attend Chinese Language and English Language lessons. Teachers will employ different teaching strategies to improve teaching productivity and enhance learning efficiency.

IT in Education

Using IT in class is a common practice in our school.  Thanks for the additional funding and donations from Tung Wah Group of Hospitals and WFN alumni, we have installed the most up-to-date IT infrastructure and facilities in our classrooms and laboratories.  With the sound and well-equipped IT system, not only does it foster e-learning, STEM education and self-directed learning, but also boosts learning and teaching effectiveness.

Self-Directed Learning

With professional supports from QSIP, our school has been promoting Self-Directed Learning in junior forms for years.  Students have learnt to set their learning goals, plan their learning paths, revise and recap their knowledge by organized self-written notes.  Students will revise their works based on the feedbacks received from teachers and peers and adjust their own learning pathways.     

Gifted Education 

The mission of gifted education in our school is to explore and develop the potentials of gifted students by providing them with opportunities to receive education at appropriate levels in a flexible teaching and learning environment.

To cater for the educational needs of gifted students, students with special talent and potential are encouraged to join the pull-out programmes in different subjects. Some of them are nominated for the gifted programmes organized by outside bodies.


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