​The school curriculum is similar to those of regular grammar schools. Yet to meet the needs of students and society, a multifarious curriculum incorporating real life experience is implemented.

We regard life education as an important element in teaching. In addition to the regular subjects, Life Education is included in the junior form curriculum to provide knowledge of life skills and with greater emphasis on students’ personal growth and development.

To provide a smooth transition to NSS Liberal Studies, Liberal Studies is offered in junior form so that students will be equipped with the basic knowledge and generic skills in learning the subject.

In accordance to students’ multifarious development, a large range of arts, science and commercial subjects are offered to the senior forms to allow them to choose subjects based on their interests and abilities.

To ensure that students build up a strong foundation of knowledge, students’ learning is attained through gradual progression and continuous feedback and correction. Besides, to enhance students’ ability to learn on their own, project work is promoted. Students are encouraged to report on their studies after they have explored problems and conducted their studies through field trips and processing information gained from the library or the Internet. Overseas and China study tours are organized to broaden students’ learning experiences.



Personal, Social & Humanities Education

Arts and Physical Education


Class Structure
Form 1: 5 classes (160 students)
Form 2: 5 classes (160 students)
Form 3: 5 classes (160 students)
Form 4: 5 classes (160 students)
Form 5: 5 classes (160 students)
Form 6: 5 classes (160 students)


​Gifted Education

The mission of gifted education in our school is to explore and develop the potentials of gifted students by providing them with opportunities to receive education at appropriate levels in a flexible teaching and learning environment.

To cater for the educational needs of gifted students, students with special talent and potential are encouraged to join the pull-out programmes in different subjects. Some of them are nominated for the gifted programmes organized by outside bodies.


Examination Unit

Academic Board