Application for S1 Discretionary Places : Online Interview on 13 March 2021

Owing to COVID-19 pandemic, the interview for S1 Discretionary Places will be conducted online on 13 March. Arrangements on online interview have been sent to applicants by post. Contact the School General Office at 2336 9151 if you do not receive our notification by 11 March.
Refer to the demonstration on using Google Meet on our website for more information.

中一自行分配學位申請 : 三月十三日線上面試

鑑於新冠疫情,中一自行分配學位的面試將於線上進行。面試安排已郵寄各申請人。如三月十一日仍未收到本校通知,請致電校務處 (2336 9151) 查詢。
學生可參考本校網頁上有關登入Google Meet的示範。

Desktop or Notebook Computer 桌上電腦及手提電腦

iPad 平板電腦