19 August 2023
Wong Fut Nam Homecoming Concert 2023

The Wong Fut Nam Homecoming Concert 2023 was a resounding success, featuring the Orchestra, Band, Alumni Band, and Percussion Ensemble. The event, held on 19th August, was a captivating musical extravaganza, showcasing the exceptional talents of these groups. The Orchestra’s enchanting melodies stirred emotions as they performed ‘薪火承傳’, while the Band’s energetic performance of ‘Super Mario Bro’ had the audience on their feet. The Percussion Ensemble’s rendition of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ showcased rhythmic brilliance and left a lasting impression. The reunion of the Alumni Band brought back cherished memories with ‘記得’ and the School Song. It was a night of harmonious symphonies, nostalgic tunes, and awe-inspiring rhythms. The Homecoming Concert truly celebrated the power and beauty of music, leaving everyone inspired and uplifted.

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