5 December 2023
TWGHs Joint Secondary Schools Speech Day 2023

The Joint Secondary Schools Speech Day was successfully held on December 5th. It was a momentous occasion where Form 5 students gathered to witness the graduation of Form 6 students from 18 TWGHs secondary schools in the 2022/2023 academic year. Despite the significant impact of pandemic-related school suspensions, these resilient students demonstrated unwavering determination and a strong work ethic, enabling them to overcome challenges and complete their secondary school journey.

A heartwarming and emotional performance by our school orchestra served as a touching farewell to all the graduates. The repertoire included Leonard Bernstein’s West Side Story Selections. The passion conveyed by our school orchestra deeply resonated with all Form 6 students, inspiring them to carry their own passions forward into the next stages of their lives. As fellow students, we wholeheartedly wish the graduates the best in their future endeavors, confident that they will achieve a bright and prosperous future thanks to the guidance and teachings of our dedicated teachers.

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