29 June 2018
Talk on Hong Kong Land Supply

The TWGHs Joint Secondary Schools Education Talk on “Hong Kong Land Supply” was held on 29 June 2018 at our school, with Mr. WONG Yuen Fai, Stanley, SBS, JP, Chairman of Task Force on Land Supply, as the guest speaker.

The talk was well-attended by as many as 700 teachers and students from 18 TWGHs secondary schools. Mr. WONG Yuen Fai, Stanley, SBS, JP, first explained the short-to-mid-term, long-to-mid-term and conceptual options suggested by the Task Force on Land Supply. He then exchanged opinions and took questions directly from student representatives on stage, and answered questions from the audience.

The talk served as a platform for students to understand more about the government’s current direction of increasing land supply, as well as to clear misunderstanding of concepts, greatly benefiting the participating students.

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