24 November 2023
Picnic Day 2023

The first post-pandemic picnic filled students with excitement as they embarked on outdoor excursions to various country parks, fostering class bonds and a newfound appreciation for nature. F.1 students explored Tai Tam Country Park, F.2 students ventured to Sai Kung Country Park, F.3 students visited Clear Water Bay Country Park, and F.4 students explored Pat Sin Leng Country Park. F.5 students immersed themselves in the natural beauty of Tai Lam Country Park, while F.6 students enjoyed a special trip to Cheung Chau, symbolizing the end of their secondary school life. These outings created lasting memories, serving as a cherished reminder of the friendships, growth, and unforgettable moments they shared. The picnics not only provided a break from routine but also deepened class connections and instilled a profound reverence for nature’s wonders.

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