21 October 2023
Parents-teacher Conference and PTA AGM cum Election

To provide parents with a deeper understanding of students’ learning progress at school, the Parent-Teacher Conference was held on October 21st, 2023. During the event, parents had the opportunity to meet the class teachers as well as other parents from the same class. Prior to the Parent-Teacher Conference, the PTA AGM cum Election took place, hundreds of parents and teachers participated. The Chairman of the PTA reported on the activities held, while the Treasurer presented the annual financial report. Scholarships were awarded to students who demonstrated outstanding achievements in academics or other areas such as service, art, and sports. Ms. Leung, our Honorary Legal Advisor, announced the commencement of the election for the Twenty-seventh PTA committee members, and the candidates introduced themselves on stage. Following the election, six new PTA committee members were elected for the upcoming year.

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