16 October 2023
Inauguration Ceremony of Student Leaders 2023-24

The Inauguration Ceremony of Student Leaders 2023-24 was successfully held on the 16th of October, 2023. We witnessed the capable student leaders of the past year pass the baton to yet another promising and driven group of students who are ready to take up their posts and serve our students and teachers. The ceremony began with the Head Prefects of last year reporting on their duties before removing their badges and passing them onto the new Head Prefects, entrusting them with the duty of maintaining a good school environment and ensuring proper conduct among students. Following this, the Head Prefects, Peer Counselors, and Peer Tutors of this year each took turns taking their oaths, introducing their teams, and briefing us on their plans for this year. Finally, the student representatives of the Four Houses also made their pledges and shared their plans for this year’s activities. With that, the student inauguration ceremony came to a close. We all trust that this year’s student leaders will fulfill their duties and wish them the best of luck.

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