23 August 2022
Form One Orientation

A New Students’ Orientation Day was held on 23rd August 2022 to warmly welcome the freshmen to join the Wong Fut Nam family. The burden of the pandemic could not suppress the excitement of the new students as they could eventually greet their class teachers and classmates for the first time.

The event-packed day started off with an ice-breaking session, where students and teachers got to know more about their fellow companions of the year assisted by the student leaders like Peer Counsellors. Followed by cleverly designed mini games from the Peer Counsellors to further blend everyone in, the Peer Counsellors gave a thorough introduction of the fresh school lives in Wong Fut Nam, ranging from the lunchtime activities to the finest details in order to relieve students’ worries.

Apart from the classroom sessions, Peer Tutors and Prefects also conducted a talk on the academic and disciplinary details of the school respectively. Students were attentive and participated proactively. School Librarians gave a detailed tour of the library, like how to borrow books with the automated system, how to request devices for reading e-readers and how to use the photocopier. The Peer Counsellors led students around the campus, showing the different special rooms that they may need to have lessons in in the future.

With all of the extensive support, we hope new students can swiftly adapt to the brand new school environment and enjoy the wonderful school life.

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