1 September 2020
20-21 Re-open Ceremony

Despite the pandemic, our school reopens on 1st September. An unprecedented re-opening ceremony was held in the morning of that day with only Principal, Vice-Principals and teachers in the school hall, while students watched it online. It was also a new experience for students to “attend” an online Opening Ceremony. The Principal first welcomed students to a new and promising year. Then he briefly reported the overall DSE and JUPAS results of our graduates. Next, he was glad to announce that our school will host its 60th anniversary (Diamond Jubilee) this year. To celebrate the milestone of our school, a range of exciting activities will be organized based on our school theme – “Pass on, open up, give back”. Before ending the speech, he introduced the Vice-Principals and teachers. Lastly, he looked forward to meeting all the students at the end of September after school resumption.

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