Prize Award in Division 3 Inter-School Swimming Competition

Our swimming team has recently participated in Division 3 Inter-School Swimming Competition and achieved excellent results – Boys A grade Champion, Boys C grade Champion and Boys Overall Champion. Significant achievements were achieved that we will qualify for the Division 2 next year. As a member of the swimming team, it was definitely my honour to take part in this historical moment. I have learnt a lot from this competition and among all of them, the most unforgettable one is the spirit of togetherness, especially for the relay. When some of us were about to start, the rest of us cheered for them loudly, wholeheartedly. The atmosphere was thrilling, which reminded me of the warmth of the Wong Fut Nam family and motivated us to break our limits. Eventually, most of us reached our personal best or even made our own new records. It was a truly memorable experience that highlighted the immense importance of team spirit and its profound impact on our performance.

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