Tung Wah Group of Hospitals Wong Fut Nam College
Diamond Jubilee
東華三院黃笏南中學     鑽禧
Pass On ‧ Open Up ‧ Give Back
Design of the 60th anniversary logo
The design of the 60th Anniversary logo is inspired by the visual appeal of the Mobius strip, which is a one-sided surface with no boundaries. Associated with the idea of infinity, the Mobius strip looks like an infinite loop that will never reach an end. It symbolizes that all the alumni, teachers and students are all united. Because of the deep-rooted ethos and fundamental values of our school, our graduates strive hard to achieve success whenever they are.
In the logo, the number 60 is formed by two circles, which intersect like the Mobius strip. The initials of the school name, WFN, is embedded in the numbers. The vibrant colour of the logo symbolizes the outstanding contribution of our alumni in different professions in our territory.
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60th Anniversary theme song: Passing the torch
Time flies, our school has established sixty years. Throughout the years, our school has nurtured many young generations. Based on the theme of the 60th anniversary – "Pass on Open Up Give Back", our alumni Mr Marco Kwok composed a song, while our Music teacher Miss Put and Chinese teacher Miss Leung wrote the lyrics. The song recounts students’ school lives and the valuable memories in WFN. It encourages our students and alumni to unleash their full potential, show their school spirit and pride of WFN, face the challenges ahead confidently and serve our community and country sincerely.