Tung Wah Group of Hospitals Wong Fut Nam College
Diamond Jubilee
東華三院黃笏南中學     鑽禧
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School History Museum
To celebrate the 60th anniversary, the School History Museum cum Conference Room, where our history and development are showcased, were refurbished. The School History Museum is dedicated to providing historic information and preserving our school’s historic exhibits. It is also hoped to enhance students’ sense of belonging towards the school, strengthen the bond amongst, as well as deepening students’ knowledge of the rich history of our school.
Located on the ground floor, the School History Museum presents the collections of relics and artefact. The model of our old campus is placed in the center of the History Museum. Donated by a group of students from the Chinese Department back in the 1960s and 1970s, the model brings back the collective memories of our alumni, teachers, and students.
In remembrance of Mr Wong Fut Nam’s generosity, one of the marble steles inscribed with “Tung Wah Group of Hospitals No. 1 College” was re-installed in the History Museum as a sign of inheritance. Because of Mr. Wong Fut Nam’s generous donation, the new wing of the library in the old campus was built. It did not only foster a proactive learning environment to provide ample learning experiences for students, but also maximize their potential for achieving success. The timeless Kun Chee Hall’s vastness, grandeur and solemnity always leave a deep impression on our students. The teachings embedded in the couplet on the two sides of the stage have been the guiding principles of our teachers and students in the past six decades.
There is a glass cabinet displaying historic photos and accolades won by the students over the years and reflects our school’s emphasis on the all-round development of our students. Our students excelled academically and achieved outstanding results in areas such as music, athletics, dancing and social services. To keep a record of all the fading memories, different relics are also showcased such as student handbooks of different years, school logos, the first issue of the student magazine Compass, student report cards, etc.
To re-construct the history of TWGHs Wong Fut Nam College, written and visual records are systematically collected and restored in the School History Museum, which enable our teachers, students and alumni to commemorate our history. We will continue to hold firmly the principles of “Diligence, Frugality, Loyalty and Faithfulness” in our pursuit of a better future.